What’s a holiday celebration season without a parade? Come join in the costumes and fun in downtown West Chester on the Wednesday before Halloween — Oct 25, 2017.

Full details and official borough contact information is available on the West Chester website. The info below was collected from both official and unofficial sources. Please let us know if you find any errors!


West Chester Halloween Parade Logistics

  • When: Wed, Oct 25, 2017 — 7:00pm
  • Rain date: Thu, Oct 26
  • Start: Market Street (between Church & Darlington)
  • End: Matlack Street (between Market & Gay)


Parade Route

The map below shows an approximate route for the West Chester Halloween Parade 2017. Exact start and end locations may vary slightly.

Expect heavy traffic and minimal open parking around the area. Lots of people turn out for this parade!


Road Closures

The map below shows the approximate area of road closures for the West Chester Halloween Parade 2017. Exact closures locations may vary.

West Chester Halloween Parade: road closures map.

West Chester Halloween Parade: road closures map — click to view larger version.

The map above is unofficial and approximate, but the list below is taken straight from West-Chester.com: the following streets will be closed from 5-9pm on October 25th.

  • Gay St — from Matlack St. to Darlington St.
  • Market St — from Matlack St. to New St.
  • Darlington St — from Gay St. to Market St.
  • Church St — from Gay St. to Market St.
  • High St — from Chestnut St. to Market St.
  • Walnut St — from Prescott Alley to Market St.
  • Matlack St — from Market St to Gay St



$5.00 — Parking in all borough garages and lots from 6pm to 9pm.

Full parking info is available on the WC Business Improvement District’s website.

West Chester Halloween Parade Parking Map.

West Chester Halloween Parade parking map — click to view full size.


Groups & Floats

Groups and floats are welcome, but must be registered with the West Chester Parks and Recreation Department before October 6th.

Please note: for public safety, groups and floats will not be allowed to toss or hand out candy during the parade.


Marching Bands Performing

Any good parade has marching bands and other performing arts groups! Here are the bands, cheerleaders, and dance troupes that you’ll get to see.

West Chester University

Back for another year, the WCU Golden Rams Marching Band will be taking it to the streets!

This video shows the WCU band performing Superstitious by Stevie Wonder, from the 2016 (I think?) parade.

West Chester East High School

This parade is won WC East’s home turf! You know the Vikings will be there!

This is the only parade video I could find of the WC East HS Vikings. It’s from Veterans’ Day 2010.

Henderson High School

Not to be outdone, the Henderson Warriors are coming out!

I couldn’t find any parade videos of Henderson, so here’s last year’s field show. They play Mr. Roboto!

Bayard Rustin High School

You didn’t think Rustin would let East & Henderson have all the fun, did you?

I found a few Halloween Parade videos of Rustin, but I chose this one because it was taken all the way down in Florida! At the Florida Citrus Parade in 2015.


Cheerleading Teams Performing

Get ready to show your Halloween spirit. Here are the cheerleading teams who will be marching and dancing their way through downtown.

Bishop Shanahan High School

Here’s the Shanahan cheering squad in Disney World in 2014, competing at the National High School Cheerleading Championships!

West Chester East High School

Here’s the East HS cheer squad at the National Championships from only a few months ago—February, 2017.

Henderson High School

Here’s the Henderson team at the PIAA State Competition, from 2015.

Rustin High School

I’m not sure where/when this video was taken, but here’s a great video of the Rustin cheer team!


Dance Teams Performing

Why march or walk down the street, when you can DANCE? Here are the dance troupes you can look forward to seeing in this year’s Halloween parade.

West Chester East High School

East took first place at PA regionals last year!

Henderson High School

Here’s Henderson performing at a Phillies game!

Rustin High School

And Rustin throwing down at a 76ers game!


Further Reading

Questions? Call West Chester Parks & Rec at 610-436-9010.


Photos from 2016 West Chester Halloween Parade

Check out the kids, costumes, groups, floats, and fun from 2016! All these photos are the property of Mainline Media News. See their full 2016 photo gallery here.

All these photos are the property of Mainline Media News. See their full 2016 photo gallery here.